What’s so horrible about Hotham?

Hotham was the name given to North Melbourne in 1859, only a year before it would split from Melbourne to become its own town. Hotham was a workers suburb, and considered to be a place you would live if you couldn’t afford to live in the outer suburbs. Dirty, filthy and dangerous; Hotham wasn’t the nicest place to find yourself in the 1800’s.

Explore North Melbourne's Dark Past on Our walking tour
On our tour you’ll be led through the streets of Hotham, stopping at landmarks that still are and once were. Our stories range from the humorous, to the mysterious, to the disgusting and to the sorrowful. Some of our stories include:

• The mysterious murder of a child and the court case that followed.

• Mob violence at the numerous pubs that existed in 19th century Hotham.

• North Melbourne’s first building, the Benevolent Asylum, which wasn’t as nice as it sounds.

• The gang of amputees that ravaged the streets and their infamous leader.

• An elephant on the oval, and further animal misconduct.

The more you dig into history the more you discover. The stories above are only a selection of the morbid treats we have in store for you.

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